And the winners of the January writing contest are…

1º Marcos Sevillano Albert 1º ESO Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

I love when a new year is coming because I am one of these people that likes to think about the new things to do in the following year.

My resolutions for this year are many. The first one is to get better marks at high school. I think that it is possible but difficult because I have to work very hard. The second one is not to play too much with the electronic gadgets, because I think too much time with an electronic device isn’t healthy. The third one is trying not to eat so much junk food because it is unhealthy and when I have to train with my football team I feel heavy and I can’t run properly. Another resolution for this year is to behave well with my little sister because we are always arguing and fighting and our parents are very tired of our behaviour. Another important resolution is to make a big effort to train harder with my team to win the League. Another resolution for this year is to learn a new language like Portuguese or any Asian language because I think that it is very difficult and it is a big challenge for everybody who loves languages. Finally, the las thing I would like to do this year is to travel through Europe and America because I love other cultures and I love visiting important monuments. In summary, this year I would like to complete all my resolutions. I know that it is a little bit difficult but if I work hard I will get it.

By Marcos Sevillano
From Spain

2º Juan Morín Martínez 6º Colegio Andel

In this New Year I will pass all my exams with an "A" score. Also, I would like all the wars to stop. I will go to the amusement park. I love it because it has the Tornado. I want to go to the zoo (I love the animals like the black bears), I like the karts because I have dream to drive a car, a bike or a truck. This summer, I want surf at the beach. I will do windsurf on the lake and sail in a cruise. In my birthday I will like a PlayStation 4 to play with my family and my friends. I would like to play basketball or football with my parents and also I want to walk in the mountain with my family and if we find snow I want to ski or snowboard.

I will finish my model plane with my brother and my father and a model roller coaster. I will read a lot of books.

When I go to countryside with my grandparents I will ride on my bike. I want to climb in the top of a mountain.

I will smile and make happy everybody around me.

These are all my dreams.

By Juan Morín Martínez
From Spain

3º Guadalupe Landa 1º Escuela Franciso Javier Clavijero

Hello, I'm Lupita and I'm from the school Francisco Javier Clavijero. I would like to share my New Year's resolutions. One of them is to learn a little more English and be able to speak it fluently. Another resolution is to get good grades in school, eat healthier and finally, I would like to attend to my 3 dogs.

Guadalupe Landa
From Mexico

And the winners of the December writing contest are…

1º Paula Martin Varela 5º Colegio Santa María del Mar

Of course I do! Christmas is wonderful!
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. You can see your family on Christmas Eve and open all that presents... it's simply wonderful!
I always have turkey for dinner and everyone loves it except my sister because she’s vegetarian. My family has a tradition to eat my grandmother’s biscuit cake. We love it!
On Christmas morning, I always wake up around six o’clock, but I wait for all my family to open the presents. I know people that get six presents in one night, but we have two presents and we are still thankful.
For New Year’s Eve, I’m going to say that is completely different from Christmas Eve. We don’t have dinner, we eat a little bit and then at twelve o’clock we have the twelve grapes. When I was a little girl, I thought if we were going to 2014, we needed to eat 14 grapes. The crude reality is that all the years we eat 12 grapes.
But I’m Christian, and the most important thing is Jesus’ birth. I always pray at the table before having dinner. That’s Christmas for me.

By Paula Martin Varela
From Spain

2º Paloma Velasco Navazo 4º San Juan Bautista

Hello, I am Paloma and I am nine years old. My school is Salesianos Estrecho.
The Christmas in Madrid is wonderful. You put the Christmas tree, the Nativity Scene, garland, Christmas lights, and presents.
You sing Christmas carols.
Father Christmas and Three Wise Men give us the presents.
You eat chocolate from the advent calendar, you celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
You go to your family’s house and you get presents there. You eat with your family, you have lunch and dinner with your family.
You write Merry Christmas on the Christmas cards!
You can make a snow man with the snow and snowflakes.
Father Christmas has reindeer. The reindeer have jingle bells.
You eat candy canes.
You put a stocking on your chimney and Father Christmas puts candy and chocolate in the stocking.
Your family eats a lot of marzipan and Christmas cakes.
Merry Christmas!

By Paloma Velasco Navazo
From Spain

3º Ainara Carretero Urcera 4º Virgen del Pilar

I love Christmas because we prepare the tree and then Santa Claus brings us gifts and he puts then under the tree for the children. Before Santa Claus comes, you have to put out cookies and milk and carrots; milk and cookies are for Santa Claus and carrots are for the reindeer. Christmas is for spending time with the family, to eat together and have a good time on the day of Jesus' birth. You also have to go to church to pray to Jesus. We sing Christmas carols with everyone. We will have a very happy Christmas and it is very fun!

By Ainara Carretero Urcera
From Spain

And the winners of the November writing contest are…

1º Teresa Sánchez Garcia 1ºESO Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

Hi I am Teresa , I am 12 years old and in my family there are 4 people. My mother, Maria Eugenia, my father Norberto, and my sister Carmen.
My mother and father work in the water and my sister is at the Lourdes school like me but she is 16 years old.
In my family we like to eat seafood, especially me, and we also like to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. I have many cousins, some of them live in Valencia, so it is difficult for us to see them often, but from time to time they come to see us.
My grandmother recently passed away and she often took my sister and I to the nursery. My grandfather Jesus makes us laugh a lot.
And this is my super family! I love this family, my family is very original and very funny too.
I love my family very much!

By Teresa Sánchez Garcia
From Spain

2º Li Lin 4ºPrimary Salesianos Estrecho

I’m Li Lin, my family is the best in the world because we are a big family with my three sisters, and they’re very funny! My mom and my dad are funny, my father is funnier than my mother. My sisters sometimes play with me and I´m very happy, I love them but sometimes they are angry with me but I still love them because they are my family.
My little sister wants to play with me every day, but I can’t because I have to do my homework. My big sister sometimes play with me but in the last few days she doesn’t play with me. I have another big sister who usually plays with me and she loves playing Monopoly and the “who, what, where” game. My little sister, my second sister and me sometimes play hide and seek but we have a very small house. My dad often goes with my little sister and me to buy things in Ahorra Mas. My dad and my mom have a big restaurant called Hong Kong. My big sister cooks very well and she loves making cakes, Chinese confectionery and the dishes she makes are delicious.

By Li Lin
From Spain

3º Alexander Ikechukwu 6º Primary Colegio Andel

Hello my name is Alex. Today I´m going to talk about my family. My family is from Nigeria. My father’s name is Fabian and my mother is Jane. My father lived in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, and my mother in Enugu, a town of Nigeria. One of the traditions of this country is chili pepper. I invite you to taste it and if you taste it, eat 5 without drinking milk or water. Now I´m going to tell some interesting things about my family: my grandmother is 62 years, if you give 5 chili peppers to my dad or mum, they will not complain, and now I´m in 6th grade. I am 11 years old and 2 days ago, it was my birthday. They gave me a pair of new boots and a new ball of Rear Madrid, the best team in the world. I also have sister called Rachel and a brother called Shawn. Bye!

By Alexander Ikechukwu
From Spain

And the winners of the October writing contest are…

1º Isabel Serrano de Haro 6º CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro

So, what am I good at? Well I´m really good at running because I practise every day, approximately half an hour. I started to get addicted to this fabulous sport at the age of 9.Why? Because my mum insisted many times and I refused too much, that I finally gave up. She booked me on a running team. At first I thought that I wouldn´t like this and that I would end up really tired. But at the end I actually made myself a healthy person. After some months, my coach started talking about school competitions. He started choosing the best runners and, of course, I was in. I was amazed but at the same time worried. So I had a mother-daughter chat and after it I was more confident. I have been running for at least 3 years and I have taken part in many races. Running is not the only thing that I´m good at; I´m also good at Spanish. What I mean, is that my Spanish classes are my favourite ones. And I´m starting to think that I could turn out to be a Spanish teacher when I grow up. But first of all, let’s concentrate on the present day. In the end I don´t really think I´m good at anything else but I hope I will be better when I grow up. After all, we will all have a comfortable job. My favourite hobby is dancing and I am really good at it. That´s why I like listening to music. When I hear a pop song I feel it inside me and I just can´t wait a second to start dancing. I really like to look at people dancing so that I can learn new steps. A really strange thing I have inside my body, is that whenever they tell me to dance, they ask me if I have ever gone to dance classes. But I haven´t so let´s say it is a small gift I have, although I only dance really well in front of a mirror. I have to get used to not having one. I will someday make my own dance studio. So at the end I have discovered I am good at three things: running, Spanish and dancing. Now let´s talk about what I am not good at. So the first thing is singing, I am horrible at singing because I don´t have a soft voice. Another thing is math, although I hate it, I just can´t fail this subject. So at the end we all have good things and bad things and we all do things better than other people.

By Isabel Serrano
From Spain

2º Alberto Obregón Marín 4º Juan Zaragüetta

I´m good at narrating fooball matches because I like football a lot and I know so many players in leagues around the world: so many teams, national teams, and where the players were born. My favourite team is Real Madrid and I have two favourite players: Marco Asensio and Toni Kroos . If I wasn`t a Real Madrid fan I would be for Bayern Munich. I don`t miss any match of La Liga or Champions League on TV. Of course, I love go to Santiago Bernabeu stadium which is the stadium of the Real Madrid. I read the newspaper every day to keep me updated on sports. Sometimes I go to the stadium with my grandfather and we enjoy that. My father took me there because he knows I like it and with my sister Alba, but she doesn`t like it. I have two T-shirts of Real Madrid: one of Marco Asensio and the other one of Toni Kroos. One day I put my T-shirt of Toni Kroos on my dog called Scooby and I said that he was a Real Madrid supporter. When I get older I will be a commentator of football matches.

By Alberto Obregón
From Spain

And the winners of the August writing contest are…

1º Ainara Medina 5º Asunción Cuestablanca

This holiday I went to Benidorm. We stayed there for two days. In Benidorm, we went to the beach and the pool! After, we came back to Madrid. We arrived in Madrid at midnight, very late! Later, we went to Malta. In Malta we stayed at a friend's house, went to the city of Popeye, and later to two beaches. The city of Popeye had floats and my parents a special unicorn for me and my friend. We stayed there for five days and then we went to Barcelona for a day and spent all day at the beach. We went home and later to a river near Avila. These were my holidays!

By Ainara Medina
From Spain

2º Alba Obregón. 4º. Juan Zaragueta

The other day my parents told me that I’m going to have another dog after our holidays on the beach. The dog is from ONCE foundation. I was very nervous. The day we went to the beach we woke up at 6:00 AM with a horrible cold, but when we arrived to the hotel and got in the swimming pool it was fantastic! That night we were in the center of Benidorm. I thought nothing interesting was going to happen to me but I was wrong! My dog Scooby found a chick in the entrance of the hotel that had fallen from its nest. It didn’t know how to fly so we had to take it to the bathroom of the hotel room with water and bread. The next day we took it to an animal shelter. That day was my brother’s birthday and the next day was Scooby’s birthday. Later, we went and got Guss, the dog from the ONCE Foundation. We went back home and when we were in the street we saw a lot of dogs so we called 112. Are we expecting more adventures in the summer? I think so because we are doing to go to Disney World in Orlando!

By Alba Obregón
From Spain

And the winners of perfect holidays writing contest are…

1º Pablo Nuñez. 3º Asunción Cuestablanca

Tell us about your perfect holiday!

My perfect holidays are at the beach or my village. Now I am in Hernansancho a nice village with a river

Here, I can play with my cousins.

One day, we went to ride horses and we saw many animals. One was very big and ugly. We were scared but when we were near we laughed a lot because it ended up being a tree’s shadow!

Another fun day was at the beach. There were so many waves at the beach that day. I was there with my dad, my sister, my mum. We went to Tivoli. It is an atraction park. We went up to the roller coaster and a lady dropped her wig.

We laughed a lot. It was the most fun day of the summer.

Then we returned to Madrid where I saw my friends from school to tell my stories of my very fun summer.

By Pablo Nuñez
From Spain

2º Nacho Bardo. 6º. La Inmaculada

Tell us about your perfect holiday!

I love all the holidays because you can visit some cities or villages that are new for you or ones you visit every year. For example, I always go to Cadiz and Andorra. I love them both because I go from the south point to the north point of Spain and I can visit the beach and the mountains. The holidays are perfect for me because you don't have to do school work and you are always having fun!

By Nacho Bardo
From Spain

And the winners of films writing contest are…

1º Iván Arias 3º ESO

Tell us about your favorite film. What is it about? Who is in it? Why do you like it?

White Hell.

The last film I saw was not so new, in fact it was it was White Hell.

It is based on survival and tells the story of a gropu of men that survive a araplane crush and they try to survive the wolves that are hurting them.

There are many good actors but the main is Liam Neeson that protects the people from the wolves thanks to his job that was killing wolves.

This is a film about survival. However, it is the prossure you have because of the tession in the film what makes it vert exciting. There are very good scenes but the best ones are when the wolves attak humans. Those scenes are incredibly good. It makes you think about how dangerous an animal could be when it defends its territory.

I would recommend this film yo the people that I appreciate be strateggy and also to people that like movies in wich it isn’t easy to guess what is going to happen. I would say to them go and try it! Like me. You might find that the film lifts you out of your everyday life into a curcunstance you may not want to leave.

By Iván Arias
From Spain

2º Javier González del Pozo 6º Colegio Claudio Sánchez Albornoz

Tell us about your favorite film. What is it about? Who is in it? Why do you like it?

My favorite film is “THE LORD OF THE RINGS”.

This film has the gender fantasy, high fantasy, adventure novel and it country is New Zealand.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS develops on the three age of Sun of the middle age. It divides in three films: The Community of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

In the first film the community of the ring is formed, in which Frodo Bolson the one is carrying the ring to the Mount of Destiny where it was forged; with the intention that the Dark Lord, Sauron, does not recover it.

In the three films appears different character with different pray:

Humans: Aragon, Boromir, Faramir, Éomer, Théoden.

Elves: Legolas, Elrond, Arowen, Galandriel.

Dwarfs: Gimli.

Hobbits: Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Bilbo.

Magicians: Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast.

Dark lord: Sauron, lord of Nazgûl, Nazgûls.

Orcs: Orcs of Moria, Uruk-hai(Lurtz).

Ents: Barbol.

By Javier González del Pozo
From Spain

3º Lucia López Navas. 5º Santa Ana

Tell us about your favorite film. What is it about? Who is in it? Why do you like it?

My favorite movie is grease
It's a movie based on a
Musical, goes that in summer (Australia) a boy of 18
Years old named Dani Suko (John Travolta) falls in love with Sandy (Olivia Newton) and spend the summer together at the beach
They have to go back to school, Sandy is somewhat worried because it's his first day at that institute what they do not know either is that they are in the same institute
Dani is the leader of a gang with his colleagues T-birds
Then when rizzo (the leader of the group Pink Ladies, something bad) presents them Dani becomes the pimp and sends him to fry asparagus, Sandy gets angry and Dani is in love with her
Dani is going to compete in the lightning a very dangerous race
Because his friend has been hit in the head and can not drive when Sandy wins that he had come to see him asks a friend of hers to help him change and she says okay, school parties come and Dani goes to Sandy all changed and are back together.

By Lucia López Navas
From Spain

And the winners of May writing contest are…

Miguel Vázquez Babiano. Arcángel Rafael (3ºESO)

How do you know this person and why do you admire them?

I admire my mother because she is a great person and she teaches me a lot of things like to put my T-shirts away. Also, my mother encourages me when I am studying and she loves me so much.

Another thing is that she accompanies me everywhere and never leaves me alone, she takes good care of me, and she wants the best for me. I try to behave well with her so she does not get angry.

My mother is a very good person and tries to take care of everyone, cares for others and always tries to make everything that others do right. She is a trustworthy person and I love her very much.

When I go somewhere alone or with some friends she calls me and asks me how I am and if I need anything.

When I am sick she always takes care of me, takes me to the doctor, gives me medicine to make me feel better and asks for the day off at work to be with me and take care of me.

My mother, since I was a child, has helped me enjoy different sports.

I have always loved her and I do not want her to be sad because of me.

In conclusion, she is the best mother anyone could have and I thank her for everything she does for me!

By Miguel Vázquez Babiano
From Spain

Carmen López. Juan Zaragüeta (5º)

How do you know this person and why do you admire them?

Emma Watson is an actress and I know her because I saw some of her films. The first film I saw her in was Harry Potter, where she was Hermione Granger, one of the best friends of Harry; but there are many other films in which Emma Watson has appeared. One of the reasons that

I like and I admire Emma Watson is that when she was nine years old she started the Harry Potter films, and after the first film (2001) she worked in the second(2002), third(2004), fourth(2005), fifth(2007), sixth(2009), seventh part one(2010) and seventh part two(2011). She became a famous actress when she was 9 years old. She also was the main character of the film the Beauty and the Beast, one of the best films this year. She has worked many times and in many movies with actors and actresses like: Maggie Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Geraldine Somerville, Bonnie Wright and Michael Gambon. I will always like Emma Watson and I hope she continues to participate in movies, because I really want to see them soon. And I also hope they are as good or better than the previous ones she has worked on because I have been delighted with them so far.

By Carmen López
From Spain

And the pets writing winners are…

1º Claudia Valdés. Santa María de la Hispanidad. (4º)

Do you have any pets? Describe Them

I have a dog that is called Chispa. She is a female. She is dark brown and medium size, more or less. She is joyful and happy. She loves to play chasing, and catching the ball or a stick. I love her!

Would you have a wild animal as a pet?

No, I would not have a wild animal as a pet because they can’t adapt to living with people. They usually live in forests, jungles, deserts, and the South or North Pole. They can also be dangerous for us.

Tell a funny story about a pet that you know

One of my best friends has a cat that is called Nuki. Once, Nuki got lost and we were looking for her for ages. About one hour later we found her under my friend's parent's bed with an enormous piece of meat.

By Claudia Valdés
From Spain

2º Guadalupe Marcos. La Inmaculada (5º)

Do you have any pets? Describe Them

I have a turtle that is named Lala. She is 5 years old. Her birthday is the 5th of June. She is very small, about 20cm long and 10cm tall. She’s brown, black, and green. She has a big head and long claws.

Would you have a wild animal as a pet?

No, I wouldn’t. But when I am 23 years old, I would like to save all the animals in the world. I’m going to save the animals that are in danger of extinction.

Tell a funny story about a pet that you know

One day I went to my friend’s house. She has a cat. When we went to the kitchen, I didn´t see a cat. However, I looked again and saw a white cat! I said to myself: It´s a magic cat!

By Guadalupe Marcos
From Spain

3º Carolina Martínez. Escolapios (6º)

Do you have any pets? Describe Them

Yes, I have a puppy. Her name is Molly. She is short with a black head and a white body. She has brown eyes and small legs.

Would you have a wild animal as a pet?

No, I wouldn’t. I think they are very dangerous animals. Right now I have a puppy and I want to have another puppy. My parents, however, don’t want to have another because they say that Molly is like six dogs in one.

Tell a funny story about a pet that you know

When I was younger I had a dog called Kuky. She was ten years old and I was in a special park for dogs. I went to the bathroom a moment. When I came back to the park I didn’t see any one except Kuky. I ran and she ran with me and I said to her, “Kuky where are they?” and I started to cry. Then I looked back and I saw my brother. I ran to my brother and saw another dog and I thought, “Who is that dog?” Then I said “KUKY!” and both came to me. Apparently, both dogs were named Kuky!

By Carolina Martínez
From Spain

And the cities writing winners are…

1º Irene Paños Rodríguez 6º La Inmaculada (Alcorcón)

What is the best part about your city?

The best part about my city is that we have all we need,there is a lot of things where we can have fun.I think the best thing is WARNER PARK,I love it except the row because you have to wait for attractions it is eternal.

What would you change?

I would change: apart of the row to wait, the people to look after the environment it is very important, it is really serious, the future of the world depend on us.

What's the best season the visit your city? Why?

Depend the season do you prefer,but I think summer is really good,on holydays without school, all people is getting fun. It is my best season excepting for the bees.

By Irene Paños
From Spain

And the Carnival writing winners are…

1º Paula Borrega (La Inmaculada) 6º Primaria

Why do you like Carnival?

I like Carnival,because people wear costumes and some costumes are very funny.Also,because Carnival´s parades are beautiful.And you can see many types of costumes,some of them are very original. Other costumes are beautiful,funny and crazy.

Which would be your perfect costume and why?

My perfect costume would be a mad hatter´s costume.Because I like his crazy stile,his hat...I also like his orange hair,his make up and his clothes.He is very crazy and funny, so it´s the perfect costume for me to wear.

Are you going to do something special at Carnival in your school?

I don´t think we are going to do anything special at Carnival in our school.But all years in English class we do some activities and games that are very funny.One year our teacher told us a Carnival story very interesting.

By Paula Borrega
From Spain

2º Candela Sanz (Colegio Joaquin Costa) 6º

Why do you like Carnival?

I like Carnival because I think it is a very good idea to spend the time with your family and friends,also to have the opportunity to dressing your costume,going to a very funny party and meeting interesting people in different zones.

Which would be your perfect costume and why?

I think my perfect costume would be a superheroe one because I am an adventurous person and I would like to fight the crime and to meet other interesting superheroes,also I would like to fly and to have superpowers. The best superpower would be an invisible one or to be able to fly.

Are you going to do something special at Carnival in your school?

I don´t know but I would like to celebrate in the playground drinking lemonade and eating shortbread with my friends and teachers.In my old school I celebrated in the playground with lemonade and dancing with happy and funny music.

By Candela Sanz
From Spain

3º Marta Gost (Colegio Arcangel Rafael) 6º

Why do you like Carnival?

I like Carnival because I think that when we dress up we show who we really are. I also like Carnival because it's funny to party with your friends and family all together. And also it's funny to dance, play dump...

Which would be your perfect costume and why?

My perfect costume would be dress up like Marinette because she is a little clumsy and funny, she is also very honest with her BFF, Alya, and when she transforms into Ladybug, she's not that clumsy and she feels self-confident.

Are you going to do something special at Carnival in your school?

Yes, we are going to dress up like Mexicans because I'm in 6th grade. Each grade is going to wear like other countries and instead of buying the costumes, we are going to make it ourselves. In my opinion, it's cooler to make the costumes because you can also have fun making them.

By Marta Gost
From Spain

And the Christmas writing winners are…

Adriana Moreno, N.R.S. de la Providencia

New year's day

On new year's eve day everyone is happy and is reunited with the family for dinner all together. Every year prepare a lot of sweets and food delicious, later the grapes are eaten and it provides for a new and better year.

By Adriana Moreno
From Spain

Gema Álvarez Sevilla, Santo Ángel

New year's day

After studying a lot in the first term, we finally can enjoy Christmas. We change exams by free time, we change extraescolares classes by funny activities with our families... In Christmas magic is around. Streets are full of lights and colors, people are happier, everybody is more generous. Children get a lot of toys and adults have free time to enjoy with the people they love. Santa visits our houses and the three wise men bring us our favourite book. Snow covers our roofs and although it is cold outside , everybody feels the heat of the people who love you. I love Christmas!!!!

By Gema Álvarez
From Spain